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Ancor Sdn Bhd
Unit D-2-3A, Setiawalk, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 012-921 3877;  03-5879 7121       Fax : 018-635 1593
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Ancor provides engineers, scientists, technicians, inventors, and hobbyist with process and measuring equipment for industrial, engineering, research and various applications. 

Ancor provides solutions for engineering, industrial, research and gas supply needs such as : Gas pressure regulators, Gas piping installation, Gas leak checking service, High purity gas piping, Laboratory Gas Piping, Compressed gas piping, AAS/GC/GC-MS,ICP/ICP-MS Gas piping, Instruments gas piping, Gas Manifolds, Switchover units, Manual changeover manifold unit, & Gas level alarm panel.  

Safety relief valve, Flashback Arrestor, S316 compression fittings , SS316 Tubing, Flowmeters, CO2 Gas heater, Medical Oxygen Regulator, Medical oxygen flowmeter, Medical Oxygen Concentrator, Medical Oxygen Conserver, Medical Oxygen Therapy Set, Medical Gas Cylinders, Flow & pressure control panels, Pressure regulating station.

Ancor stocks a range of gas and liquid pressure regulators for various uses and applications in Malaysia. We're the leading Malaysian company with the widest range of pressure regulators, for gas or liquid service. Gas regulators are used to regulate gas from high pressure to a lower pressure. 

Gas regulator types include single stage regulator, dual stage regulator, high pressure regulator, low pressure regulator, high flow regulator, low flow regulator, and can be made from brass, chromed brass and stainless steel. Gas regulators are used to allow high-pressure fluid supply lines or tanks to be reduced to safe and/or usable pressures for various applications.

Pressure Regulator carry gas control and handling products from numerous reputable manufacturers such as Gentec, Messer, Concoa, Tescom, Airgas, Matheson, Victor, Spectron, Gasarc, Drastar, Swagelok, Cigweld, Victor Technologies, Parker Veriflo, GO regulators, Aerotech, Fairchild, Vigour, Alphagaz, BOC, Praxair, Gasarc, Druva, Knocks, Fisher, Sensiflo, Cashco and AP Tech.


Pressure Regulator is not limited to regulators - flowmeters, manometers, transducers, gauges, valves, fittings and hoses from Dwyer, Swagelok, DK Lok, and Parker are also available.

Pressure Regulator Malaysia also supply calibration gases from Calgaz Air Liquide. Gas regulators for calibration cylinders are also available.

If you're looking for gas / liquid regulators, and gas handling equipments Pressure Regulator will be glad to assist in your enquiries.


Product categories keyword :

1) Pressure switch :

High Pressure Switch
Low Pressure Switch
Digital Pressure Switch
All fluid Pressure Switch
Explosion Proof Pressure Switch
Differential Pressure Switch 

2) Gas regulator :

Nitrogen gas regulator (N2 gas regulator)

Oxygen gas regulator (O2 gas regulator)

Helium gas regulator (He gas regulator)

Hydrogen gas regulator (H2 gas regulator)

Acetylene gas regulator (DA gas regulator)

Argon gas regulator (Ar gas regulator)

Propane gas regulator 

Ammonia gas regulator

Carbon dioxide gas regulator (CO2 gas regulator) 

Mixed gas regulator

High purity gas regulator

High pressure gas regulator

High flow gas regulator

3) Flowmeter / Rotameter

Air flowmeter / rotameter

Nitrogen flowmeter / rotameter

Carbon dioxide flowmeter / rotameter

Argon flowmeter / rotameter

Hydrogen flowmeter / rotameter

4) Safety devices

Flashback arrestor

Pressure relief valve

Safety pressure valve

Excess flow valve

5) Valves

Stainless steel ball valve

Stainless steel needle valve

Stainless steel diaphragm valve

Brass valves

Purge valve

Nupro valve

Toggle valve

6) Measuring Instruments

Environmental meter

Sound level meter

Air velocity meter

Differential pressure gauge

7) Fittings

Stainless steel fittings

Brass fittings

Teflon fittings

Swagelok fittings

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