High pressure stainless steel hose

High pressure stainless steel hose
Stainless steel pigtails are designed to be used between 
cylinder and piping system, available in flexible and rigid 
Stainless steel braided pigtails come with anti-whip armor.

Stainless steel flexible hose with teflon insert and Stainless 
steel flexible hose with stainless steel bellows.

Pigtails specifications :
Braiding : Stainless steel
Maximum pressure : 3000 psi
Temperature Range: -65°F to 450°F (-53°C to 230°C)
 (GFPT series) -325°F to 850°F (-200°C to 454°C) 
(GFPS  and GRPS series)
Oxygen Service: Cleaned to CGA G4.1 specifications

Swagelok high pressure hoses are also available.

SeriesLength -InletOptions -Outlet
  GFPT24: 24"  00: 1/4" NTP(F)  Blank: None  00: 1/4" NPT(F)
  (Stainless steel36: 36"  G5/8: G5/8"  CV: with Check 
  flexible pigtail   G5/8LH: G5/8"LH          Valve
  with Teflon   320: CGA320  FA: with Flash
  insert)   350: CGA350         back Arrestor
  540: CGA540 Oxygen
  GFPS   580: CGA580
  (Stainless steel   BS2: BS341 NO 2
  flexible pigtail   BS4: BS341 NO 4
  with stainless   DIN3: DIN477 NO3
  steel insert   DIN9: DIN477 NO9
  More connections
  available upon request