Fisher gas regulators


Fisher Liquid Propane / LP-Gas first-stage pressure reducing regulators reduce tank pressures to the second-stage regulator cutting the supply pressure from the storage tank to the appliance.
  • Type R122H First-Stage Regulator
    Fisher Type R122H is designed for use as a first-stage regulator for domestic applications, the R122H's size makes it perfect for tight installations. Stainless steel internal parts and corrosion
  • Type R222H First-Stage Regulator
    Fisher Type R222H is a first stage regulator with full-size performance and a compact size. It is ideal for underground tanks or limited dome spaces.
  • Type R622H First-Stage Regulators
    Fisher Type R622H is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed regulator designed for Two-Stage LP-Gas systems. These units are designed to reduce the tank pressure to 10 psig / 0,69 bar.


Fisher LP-Gas second-stage pressure reducing regulators use two regulators to cut the supply pressure delivered by the first stage to a 2-PSI or inches w.c. in commercial / domestic applications providing overpressure protection per UL requirements.
  • R222 Series Second-Stage Regulator
    Fisher Type R222 is designed for small domestic applications up to 450,000 BTU/HR. The unit provides the same features as the R622 in a smaller package.
  • HSRL Series Second-Stage Regulator
    Fisher Type HSRL Series second-stage regulator is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed regulator designed for two-stage LP-Gas systems. HSRL Series is ideal for use in commercial applications.