Pressure regulator protocol station

Pressure regulator protocol station
Pressure regulator protocol station

• Gas pressure regulator can be mounted on this protocol station to provide easy to use connections, prevent regulator damage and increased safety.
• Designed to provide easy, safe, and fast cylinder exchanges by eliminating the direct connection between the gas regulator and gas cylinder. Purge valve can be added to high pressure side for better purging of gas especially for purified gases in high purity application.
• Bracket Mount fits both Single and Dual-  Stage Regulators
• Station Blocks are available in Chrome-Plated Brass and 316L Stainless Steel
• Optional high pressure flexible hoses (pigtails) 

Protocol station provide the most convenient solution to mount your regulator in a safe way and can also be used for gas piping installation, manifold installation or gas handling station.

The gas station block is a versatile equipment that can also be used as a cross fitting that has many applications. Design your own solution by adding valves, pressure gauges, fittings, check valve, pressure sensors, relief valves or by various combinations. Contact Pressure Regulator Malaysia to discuss about your ideas.

Cross reference : Concoa 529 series protocol station.

Protocol station ordering information : 

SeriesBracket StyleInlet 
Check ValvesPigtail
   PSB: Brass   W: Wall-Mount     D: 3000 psi     00: 1/4” NPT(M)       01: 1/4”NPT(M)  CV: With Check Valve      T: Teflon
   PSSL: 316 L      22: CGA320      S: 316L
     23: CGA330  Leave Blank for no check 
     24: CGA350
  Other Connections are