Single Stage Regulator - Gentec 452 Series

Single Stage Regulator - 452 Series

  Gentec 452 Series Single Stage Regulator - Designed for medium to heavy duty gas welding, cutting, and heating applications, the "Horse" is a Harris style regulator with a 2-3/4" diaphragm and a Victor style seat mechanism. Truly a "Work Horse."

  • 2" gauges for easy reading
  • Stem type seat assembly for more reliable performance
  • Forged brass body
  • Chrome plated housing cap
  • Self re-seating external pressure relief valve on oxygen, inert gas, CO2 and nitrogen models
  • Sintered bronze inlet filter
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • UL Listed 
452F-40L.P. Gas4002-402", 400PSI2", 60PSICGA 5109/16"-18LH(M)
452F-125L.P. Gas4005-1252", 400PSI2", 200PSICGA 5109/16"-18LH(M)
452X-80Oxygen30004-802", 4000PSI2", 100PSICGA 5409/16"-18RH(M)
452X-175Oxygen30005-1752", 4000PSI2", 300PSICGA 5409/16"-18RH(M)
452Y-15Acetylene4002-152", 400PSI2", 30PSI, RLCGA 5109/16"-18LH(M)
452Y-15-3Acetylene4002-152", 400PSI2", 30PSI, RLCGA 3009/16"-18LH(M)
452Y-15-5Acetylene4002-152", 400PSI2", 30PSI, RLCGA 5209/16"-18LH(M)
452C-175Carbon Dioxide30005-1752", 4000PSI2", 300PSICGA 3205/8"-18RH(F)
452C-175-FCarbon Dioxide30005-1752", 4000PSI2", 300PSICGA 3201/4" SAME Flare
452C-300Carbon Dioxide300020-3002", 4000PSI2", 400PSICGA 3205/8"-18RH(F)
452C-300-FCarbon Dioxide300020-3002", 4000PSI2", 400PSICGA 3201/4" SAME Flare
452IN-80Inert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
30004-802", 4000PSI2", 100PSICGA 5805/8"-18RH(F)
452IN-175Inert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
30005-1752", 4000PSI2", 300PSICGA 5805/8"-18RH(F)
452IN-175-FInert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
30005-1752", 4000PSI2", 300PSICGA 5801/4" SAME Flare
452IN-300Inert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
300020-3002", 4000PSI2", 400PSICGA 5805/8"-18RH(F)
452IN-300-FInert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
300020-3002", 4000PSI2", 400PSICGA 5801/4" SAME Flare
452IN-450Inert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
300030-4502", 4000PSI2", 600PSICGA 5805/8"-18RH(F)
452IN-450-FInert Gas
(Ar, He, N2)
300030-4502", 4000PSI2", 600PSICGA 5801/4" SAME Flare
1 psi = 0.00689 MPa = 6.895 kPa = 0.06895 bar = 0.07 kgf / cm2, 
1 SCFH = 0.0283 m3/h = 0.472 LPM