Tornado manifold gas regulator

Tornado manifold gas regulator
The TORNADO 300 spring-loaded high-flow pressure regulator is a time and industry proven design that has evolved from more than 100 years of Messer German engineering experience and technology to ensure the  accurate control of industrial gases with minimum outlet pressure fluctuations and comparatively high  flowrates. 
TORNADO 300 gas regulators series HS, TS and NS are a visibly strong, no nonsense, durable construction that  sets the standard for pressure regulators used throughout heavy duty welding, brazing, heating, cutting, gouging applications. The TORNADO 300 uses the most up-to-date production and testing facilities to ensure  a reliable, versatile, affordable, high performance gas regulator.  

It features a large stainless steel diaphragm to accurately regulate the outlet pressure. 

Pressure gauges protector is available to prevent damage to the gauges due to accidental knocking.

Tornado 300 gas regulator features & specifications

Designed in accordance to internationally  recognized standards  EN ISO, BSP, CGA, NFE and AS. 
Manufactured under the quality management of EN ISO 9001. 

Heavy duty, durable construction. 

Large internal engineering to achieve comparatively high gas flow characteristics and pressure stability. 

Internal design reduces gas velocity to prevents high pressure oxygen heat spots. 

100% Quality Assurance Testing. 

Heavy duty, durable construction. 

Forged brass body and housing cap. 

Outlet pressure up to 20 bar/290 psi. 

Inlet and outlet pressure gauge with dual scale. 
Flow rate up to 250 m3/h 

Stainless Steel Diaphragm. 

Outlet pressure relief valve ensures operator safety. 

Soft valve seat to ensure leak tightness and increase life span. 

Limit lock arrangement to prevent over pressuring of regulator. 

Fire-retardant valve seat material. 

Reduced maintenance and downtime due to maintenance-free technology. 

Extremely accurate gas pressure regulation. The internal components are carefully related to both pressure and flow, saving unnecessary and expensive spare capacties. 
German engineered for optimum performance and long life.