Autochangeover panel

Autochangeover panel

P3400 Series Automatic Specialty Gas Control Panel

Gentec P3400 Series Specialty Gas Control Panel is a dual bank semi-automatic changeover system, providing a continuous gas supply without interrupting the system during cylinder(s) replacement. When the primary bank is nearly depleted, a changeover will occur, in which the reserve bank will begin to supply gas to the system. The inlet valve on each bank provides the user additional safety while replacing the cylinder(s) on the empty bank before the next changeover occurs. Available in both stainless steel and brass. This gas switchover is ideal for high purity gas applications as high pressure gas purging function is incorporated into its design.

Auto switchover Features

  • Dual-bank gas supply and semi-automatic changeover
  • 2” stainless steel pressure gauges
  • All the components are mounted on a single panel for easy maintenance
  • Inlet valve(s) for changing cylinder(s) included. Outlet and Vent valves are optional
  • Diaphragm valves include an easy-read status window (open/close)
  • Diaphragm valve connections are orbital welded to minimize contamination and leakage
    Note: Stainless steel models only


  • Maximum inlet pressure: 4500 psi
  • Maximum outlet pressure: 50/100/150/250 psi
  • Operating temperature range:  -40℃ ~74 ℃ or -40℉ ~165℉
  • Leak rate: 2x10-8 He
  • Cv: 0.14

Auto switchover Materials of Construction

  • Pressure regulator and valve body: Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Pressure regulator seat*: PTFE, PCTFE
  • Panel: Stainless Steel
  • Panel inlet connections: 1/4” Genlok, 1/4” FSR, 1/2” FSR
  • Panel outlet connections: 1/4” Genlok, 1/4” FSR

Swagelok fittings, valves & tubings or equivalent available as optional.