Gentec heavy duty oxygen gas regulator

Gentec heavy duty oxygen gas regulator

153 Series Single-Stage Heavy Duty Oxygen Gas Regulators:

 Designed for heavy duty gas welding, cutting & heating applications. Uses include steel, ship building, metallurgical and chemical industries, and laboratory, etc.

  • 2-1/2" gauges for easy reading
  • 3-1/4" stainless steel diaphragm for accurate pressure delivery
  • Delrin cap bushing for smooth adjustments
  • Stem type seat assembly for more reliable performance
  • Body and housing cap machined from class "A" brass bar stock
  • Self re-seating external pressure relief valve on oxygen, inert gas, air, CO2 and hydrogen models
  • Sintered bronze inlet filter
  • Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz
  • UL Listed

Ordering information. While this is noted as oxygen regulator, this pressure regulator is also available for other type of compressed gases.

Model Gas Maximum InletMaximum DeliveryInlet GaugeOutlet GaugeInlet Outlet
NumberServicePressure (psi)Pressure (psi)ConnectionConnection
153F-125L.P. Gas4005-1252-1/2", 400 psi2-1/2", 200 psiCGA5109/16" - 18LH(M)
153X-125Oxygen30005-1252-1/2", 4000 psi2-1/2", 200 psiCGA5409/16" - 18RH(M)
153X-25010-2502-1/2", 400 psi
153Y-15Acetylene4002-152-1/2", 400 psi2-1/2", 30 psi, RLCGA5109/16" - 18LH(M)
153IN-125Inert Gases (Ar, He)  Nitrogen30005-1252-1/2", 4000 psi2-1/2", 200 psiCGA5805/8" - 18RH(M)
153IN-25010-2502-1/2", 400 psi5/8" - 18RH(M)
153IN-250-F10-2502-1/2", 400 psi1/4" Sae Flare
153Q-125Air30005-1252-1/2", 4000 psi2-1/2", 200 psiCGA5905/8" - 18RH(M)
153Q-20010-2002-1/2", 400 psiCGA3469/16" - 18RH(M)
153C-125Carbon      Dioxide30005-1252-1/2", 4000 psi2-1/2", 200 psiCGA3205/8" - 18RH(M)
153C-20010-2002-1/2", 400 psi
153H-125Hydrogen Merhane30005-1252-1/2", 4000 psi2-1/2", 200 psiCGA3509/16" - 18LH(M)
153H-20010-2002-1/2", 400 psi


Victor regulator equivalent model : SR 450E-580 ; SR 450E-540 ; SR 450E-346

Uniweld regulator equivalent model : RV8010-3